About Us
 About Us

MMS Informatics founded in 2005 and has worked on software for the electronics industry. In a very short time due to the need in the sector, project, and production activities, our company is turning to a manufacturer on.
Our company is providing engineering solutions, consultancy, R & D, production, automation, software and services according to our experience for requirement in Construction and Automotive sectors.

Our mission:

Working together with our suppliers and our employees, perform to  our customers current and future expectations in the best way to meet the standards at the top of the technology that allows the products to produce, and being involved in quality systems and constantly renewed by constantly improving our successful position in the global world until the time.

Our vision:

According to customer expectations; advanced technologies and developments by following them with satisfying solutions which have improved our product quality and our industry by becoming the number one producer doing the best we can in our work on long-term efficiency, by increasing our turnover and our profitability in Turkey and internationally successful, lasting, and the institution that is appreciated in the industry.

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